We are glad to inform you that the applications for Secretariat, Chair and Delegates are finally open. The topic of this year's UNiMUN will be 'International Security and Climate Change'. We will have 4 committees to draft solution-oriented Resolutions which will be forwarded to the DGVN (German Association for the United Nations). To draft these outstanding proposals, we are looking for you to enrich our debates and provide unique insights. Furthermore, this conference is an amazing opportunity to network with other participants from all over Berlin regardless of their course of studies. Other than that, we will also have guest professors who will provide us with valuable insights into the impacts of Climate Change in international politics, especially in the area of Global Security. The following committees will be simulated:

* ECOSOC - Building peace through fair and sustainable distribution of water resources
* UNDP - Establishment of post-Covid support mechanisms for developing countries
* UNHRC - Climate Migration (Long-term resilience building in the Sahel Region)
* UNSC - South China Sea Conflict

The conference will take place on the 25th and 26th of June 2022. The exact location will be announced shortly.

Convinced? APPLY NOW!

The Deadline for the Application is the 31st of May for Chairs & Secretariat and the 10th of June for Delegates!

The deadline for the application is the 31st of May for Chairs & Secretariat and the 10th of June for Delegates!

We are looking forward to seeing you all there!
Your UNi-Gruppe Coordination

UNi-Gruppe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen (DGVN), Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg
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